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A mobile video game with super cute flying pigs.


Pig Jump is a mobile video game project developed by a single person. Playing it consists in controlling a super cute flying Pig through a never-ending world. While you try to go as far as possible, you will complete challenges and gain experience points. Improve your best score, unlock all the pigs and obtain their stongest evolutions.

Despite his childish cartoon style, Pig Jump is quite diffucult. You will need to understand some of it's unique game mechanics or you won't survive more than a minute.


PH'Loyd'Martin is a french indie game developer. His passion for making video games started in 2015 while he followed an online tutorial to make its own version of flappy bird. But, caught by his new passion, he went beyond the tutorial to improve his game version over and over. At that time, he used to be en financial engineer based at New York city. Few months later, his contract ended and he decided to not pursuing his career in Bank. Since then, he devoted himself full-time to game development. His goal is to make a successfull game that could lead to the creation of a video game studio. After several years of self-learning, sacrifice, determination and commitment: here is Pig Jump!

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